Help out by taking, editing, or uploading new ones! Any help is appreciated, Allan. Step 8 Hard Drive. I went online and tried to buy a power jack. I recently replaced my hard drive and re-installed windows and associated programs. Is the fan screwed in from the bottom side of the motherboard? I did not complete this guide.

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Sony Vaio PCG-6J2L Hard Drive Replacement – iFixit Repair Guide

I went online and tried to buy a power jack. Not impressed slny all. The keyboard connector cable just jell out of the non locked Jack. Remove the three screws from the front mouse panel located on the bottom of the laptop. I did not complete this guide. Hi, This is a nice guide, indeed! Pcg-9j1k looks like JavaScript is disabled in your browser. The repair shop seams hesitant to work on my laptop.

Also, there are 5 screws for the top assembly, not 4.

Thank you for your reply Vao Tech and thank you for pcg-91jm excellent resource website!! I am worried that I might have lost the data. I ask Sony for a service manual. Is the fan screwed in from the bottom side of the motherboard? Anyway, I inserted it while it was unlocked and then locked it up and it stayed in there tight and is working perfectly now.


However while I was inside the laptop examining all the components, I notice a tiny little spring about 2 mm in length and about 1 mm wide with one leg of gaio spring bent out in a 90 degree angle with a loop on the end and the other end looks like a stepped wire shape lying on the corner of the laptop located just back of the fan.

Superb Choice W SONY VAIO PCGL PCG-9J1L PCG-9J1M PCG-9J2L Laptop AC Adapter –

You can vsio the jack with wires and plug it into the motherboard. The local repair shops cant find the fault pxg-9j1m they have returned it to me. Like a dummy I was trying to insert the keyboard cable while it was in the locked position. Help out by taking, editing, or uploading new ones!

Kumar needs to replace the DC power jack connection…ebay has some of the cheapest replacements for this solution. They do not need to be removed for the completion of this guide.

We recommend downloading and installing the latest version of one of the following browsers:. Dear readers, it takes countless hours to create content for this site and keep it up and running. I forgot to circle one screw which is located on the right side from the touch pad cable. This is a nice guide, indeed!


Hey, great reference site. Ive also decided to change the fan. Any other hard drive will be incompatable.

Thus this website is a great place to learn and see how to fix it yourself. If all else fails, can you recommend an online or retail shop that sells new top covers? The notebook keyboard is not working properly. Aony article, I was able to use it to take the cover off on my vgn-s to try and replace my broken fan, but not quite sure how to remove the two screws that are diagonal to each other, they just have have a tiny hole in them.

I am going to make a donation. Community A place where you can find solutions and ask questions.

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Well, I figured out my problem. Product Repair Repair information and service assistance. I am having a ram failure per Sonj and my laptop sony vioa vgn-txn15p has one stick of Ram that appears to be built in.