Is this a different spec document than the one you had for the SSL mapping? A true symbiotic relationship exists when both parties benefit. Serato had every right to keep the support strictly to gear specifically made for SDJ as they have already fulfilled their end of the deal with the gear made for SSL. I would think any advice offered here would be good advice as clearly Serato feels the same. An open letter might not be a bad idea for you guys but even if you got every person on this thread to sign it which would never happened you would have about 15 unique signatures. Serato team, once more, please consider to support our beloved DN-HC units in SDJ, you don’t have anything to loose, on the contrary you will keep for a long time many of us on your board.

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DJAY PRO works with MIDI controller DENON DN HC?

Just having fun no harm meant: My suggestion would be to let go of your attachment to the 19″ style set up and embrace the table top controller Honestly I am disappointed big time. There was another 19″ rackmount controller available.

While we are at it how many mics does the support Press and hold the MEMO for at least one second to enter the preset mode. I purchased Serato video too and an ardent supporter of Serato. Simply a different caliber than the Rane devices is all.

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They said it would work with SSL. There was a time when many people dh some people still do considered ANYTHING with small jog wheels “toys” in that there are no platters to manipulate the music with.

Not trying to be mean but it’s true.

Feel jaded that the support might not be added, but they added support for the HC At least give the current setups a try. Just figured you had missed his response as he was “speed responding” in that post LOL.

dj The midi mapping process is one of those things that can be done with ease beyond ease. Ye I have the Rane MP25 But doesn’t have enough “xtra” buttons for programming and doesn’t have an endless encoder for library scroll Bummer, otherwise I’d use Mp25 mixer as a controller as well. Or rock n sound? I’m sure a few hundred others will too.

I dont agree at all what Serato has turned into. Again if cn went by how many times people requested things this would be towards the top. When I was about 12 my dad gave me a haflera 15″ subwofer, two 10″ mains, and 2 CD players Furthermore many of these feature requests would benefit the Serato community at large.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

I need support for a 19″ controller. I don’t personally know any DJ’s who use rack mount anymore but then again I don’t know everyone and dsnon only speak for the dj scene in ny and Florida. I’ve always said anything less fn mins is ideal though. On the contrary if you create this open letter and get a few hundred unique participants I guarantee you will get the attention you seek. Remember the Rane MP3 fiasco dsnon had? I’m not anti sync, but to have high expectations for it, and am generally unimpressed if it isn’t perfect.

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I refuse to go back to tone cd’s that will burn out my motors for no reason It’s just an extra button of an already existing feature. I’m sure I can raise enough funds to more than cover the man hours required to make it all happen. Denon – We need support.

Denon DJ DN-HC – USB MIDI Controller/Audio DN-HC B&H

I mean how is anyone who still uses this in their setup supposed to making h valid decisions as how to proceed without fully knowing their options. We need full support. Please, pretty please Serato team. I still say you need to get a poll going or something to rally some real support.