I will try replacing the CMOS battery and post back. Jan 8, Posts: Help and advice appreciated. Windows will know which is the one to actually install. Anyone know a way I can force that latest update? Sorry, I’m way behind the curve these days.

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MS has done several updates just in the last couple of days. Not all bios will have all 3, you are fine with IDE. Sat Mar 17, 3: Thanks all of you.

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This is my system configuration: You probably would not even notice the difference. Ahco have a situation with too many variables that you no longer control. Anyhow, seems much better thanks, now whether to keep old raptor as a games drive.

And so far pretty happy but would really appreciate if anyone has any knowledge or solutions with the few problems I’m still experiencing: Had Errors a few times saying computer does asuz meet minimum standardsso will keep trying, cheers.


Ahci Configuration – Asus P5Q PRO – Motherboard – ATX User Manual [Page 80]

Thanks Fernando for such an awesome resource you created here. Don’t worry about AHCI.

I was on a 17Gb partition and it sucked cause I could not update windows 7 anymore, now 25Gb which I thought was overkill. Trying several things and clean installation later, the solution I’ve found is the Enoch version of Chameleon Rev Sun Mar 18, 8: Run Command Prompt as Admin 7.

Last couple of days, my main driver, an Asus P5Q-E went wacko on me.

Also, it seems to go into some kind of deep sleep, but only sometimes, at the end of bootup, just before coming to the desktop. I’m very confused about this loop. I followed azus Nlite guide and I’m trying to update the files found in the Asus chipset install utillity: The machine now would ashs come out of sleep mode. Tried changing Sata port on the motherboard and reflashing the bios, no luck.

I’m making more drive images, and then I’ll try it. I think it was a ;ro that started around the time I made a bootable fat USB drive. Jun 6, Posts: However I can’t get a screenshot as the program only displays 1 update now despite me not choosing to update yet. Why don’t I have a menu option for just “shut down”?

Last Drivers  E-MU 1820M DRIVER DOWNLOAD

getting AHCI working on ASUS P5Q Pro – Forums

Manual is located here: So obviously next time I would try to do the 2 operations the other way round! It feels more peppy subjectively when AHCI mode is running. The laptop is an Asus X70IO: Thu Mar 15, 5: Sat Mar 17, 5: Help and advice appreciated.

Apparently, I’m living proof here, with a machine that won’t do the update until it does.