In my opinion, the benefits to cost ratio is very high for this laptop. It should also be noted that not once during all of our testing have we encountered any problems with this laptop – no crashes, lockups, or any other unexpected behavior. Visit our network of sites: The A8Js feels extremely sturdy and the difference when compared with my Compaq is like the difference between an S-Class Mercedes Benz and a Daewoo although I read that Daewoo is making a turnaround — albeit not in the United States. Build quality proved acceptable, with a solid feel. The black keyboard contrasts nicely with the silver case and the Asus logo on the lid of the laptop is understated but still impressive.

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A8J | ASUS Global

Finally, the last button launches some sort of Asus media center. A fast and well-designed notebook, but let down by an average screen and poor battery life.

Our Verdict There are no fundamental flaws with the laptop, but it doesn’t stand out from the crowd. Luckily, where hard drive performance in the past has often been abysmal on laptops, the latest models typically offer acceptable performance – not as fast as desktop hard drives still, but adequate for the majority of users. It’s not the sturdiest of screens, and we found a degree of bounce as we typed. Asus Ashs Review Source: Usually subnotebooks, ultrabooks and quite lightweight laptops with inch display-diagonal weigh as much.


Notebook Trio: ASUS A8JS and G2P and ABS Mayhem Z5

During my deries at the University of Washington, I could do most of my gaming at the school computer lab, but after graduating it became obvious that my Compaq was falling woefully short. I tried gaming for a8 while but all I got out of esries A8Js was a low whir — definitely nothing that would turn heads in a fairly quiet lecture hall.

The Asus WLg is truly a pocket-sized router. Asus A8Js left side view view large image. Asus has found the niche between thin and light and desktop replacement and I applaud the A8Js for fitting my needs so perfectly. The panel is widescreen and of a good size, but is surrounded by a rather large bezel, which detracts from the appearance.

Asus A8Js Review (pics, specs)

I was very close to ordering the Alienware, but in the end, it just had too many issues heating, battery life, random shutdowns for me to be confident with it, and I could get a similarly equipped asus cheaper.

It manages to do this by the use of a On the bright side, it a8n very unlikely that you will accidentally remove serifs battery. As you would expect from the compact design, the keyboard is rather cramped. It offers everything people are likely to need in reasonable quantities: The function “Fn” serifs provides access to additional options that some people might find useful, for example allowing a portion of the keyboard to function as a number keypad temporarily.

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Please, switch sdries ad blockers. We used the machine for a few days and while we were disappointed by the battery life, we managed to get a little over three hours, which is fine as long as you don’t need to run applications all day long. Asus A8Js back view and lid view large image.

seeries I also installed Warcraft III and there were no problems with that either. Asus has found the niche between thin and light and desktop replacement and I applaud the A8Js for fitting my needs so perfectly. The full specs are below:.

Everything is snappy and responsive with this laptop, especially in the area of gaming. It’s hard to pinpoint who the ideal user of the A8J would be. Now heat and noise, or lack thereof, are pretty important to me.

With 5 USB 2. The Asus A8Js can best be classified as a thin-and-light notebook, although its strong graphics capabilities make it a standout in this category. Click to enlarge The battery is actually quite difficult to remove, as it fits very snugly into place.

Hats off to them.